Wind Tunnel

Through the use of the corner turning vanes and screens, the quality of the flow is controlled with high accuracy.

The noise of the wind tunnel is kept low and it does not affect the results in the acoustics measurements test sessions.

Less energy is required for a given test section size and velocity: this aspect is important when completing developmental experiments with high utilization.

There is a reduced environmental noise when operating.


Single return closed circuit (Gottingen type) Dimensions: 27m long, 4,5m wide, 8m high Rectangular air path perimeter along centreline: 56m Construction material: steel Maximum power available: 280 kWatt

Test sections

Section A: 1,25mX1,25m, 1,6mq, max speed 280 kmh, nozzle 10,2 Section B: 1,5mX1,5m, 2,3mq, max speed 190 kmh, nozzle 7,1 Section C: 1,9mX1,9m, 3,6mq, max speed 125 kmh, nozzle 4,4

Test chamber

Open or closed (with adjustable slotted walls max 30% open) Screens: n. 1 honeycomb + 2 turbulence screens


n. 4 axial fans, diameter 1250mm each Total fan power: 210 kWatt


6 componets balance (n. 3 load cells + n. 3 torque meter) Pressure measurements: n. 20 ports available Acoustic: n. 4 microphone

Control and data acquisition system with post processing

Computers: n. 2 + Windows O.S. Software: control software by AD Engineering (BG-IT)

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Product: Wind Tunnel


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