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Smart_Color allows automatic, objective, easy & fast Color difference and International Standard compliance tests.

Smart_Color is the first and unique spectrophotometer specifically designed and optimized for any clear item, like sunglasses and sun lens.

Smart_Color checks in just 1 second the Color differences compared to a master item and the transmittance properties of Sun Lens according to all International Standards; it signals a simple Pass / Fail semaphore output, without any need of interpretation by the operator.

Smart_Color checks Luminous Transmittance Ratio for Polarization Performance

Complete check of transmittance proprieties according to EN1836; ANSI Z80.3; AS/NZS 1067 (Options: ISO 12312-1; GB 10810.3 & QB 2457-99; Uniformity; Photocromatic; Polarizing).

Smart_Color upgrade programme for ISO 12312 standard

The NEW Smart_Color Version 4.2 software release, reflecting the continuous commitment of SmartVision to produce development and innovation, driven by customer needs

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Product: Smart_Color


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